View Full Version : Place your health requests here...

25th March 2010, 15:34
Seems strange not to see a thread devoted to health related requests so I thought I'd have a go at starting the ball rolling..

1) The missus is keen on losing some flab and would be grateful if anyone could share a copy of Slimming worlds "Food Directory 2010".

Did find this on a torrent but it doesn't include the "Branded foods" list she wants...doh!

2) As a HGV driver rapidly approaching 45 I'll soon need a medical to retain my driving license. My local GP wants to charge £85.00 for this but I'm sure some of you have managed to get it cheaper than that..(I live in the Notts/Derby area if it helps).

We await any replies with bated breath and I hope I haven't trampled on any toes in creating this thread. :pmpl:

25th March 2010, 20:53
Health requests? You mean you are a doctor and want to help other members who post their problems here? Sorry if I'm missing something here.. :thinking: