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PhoNetInfo v.3.5.0

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PhoNetInfo v.3.5.0

PhoNetInfo - The program displays the system information of the devices. You can find the manufacturer and model smart phone, the firmware version, battery level, WLAN MAC, address bluetooth, IMEI, running tasks, signal strength, the country code, CPU speed, RAM size and ROM, and more.

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Changes in version:
- Added support for new Nokia smartphones
- New icon
- Added new information to the WLAN tab
Developer: Frei Software
Language: English
Status: retail by stas686
Compatibility: Symbian ^ 3, 9.4, 9.3, 9.2, 9.1

PhoNetInfo v.3.5.0
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  1. gauthamkss's Avatar
    Works like charm in E6 anna.
  2. mhermann's Avatar
    The very latest version 3.7.0 of PhoNetInfo has been released!

    That version updates the hardcoded CPU clock speed of Nokia 700 und 701 from 1.0 GHz to 1.3 GHz. Furthermore, it adds platform support for Symbian "Belle FP1" devices.

    Download: (signed by Nokia)

    Full changelog: