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Essential Cydia Apps (Post yours too)

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When I was a newbie, I always ask this question:
I jailbreaked my iPhone, I have Cydia running, now what?

Well WE compiled some basic app/tweak to get you started with your newly jailbroken iDevices...

A. Must Haves:
1. iFile - just like the explorer on our PC.
2. Safari download manager - Adds a substrate that allows you to download directly from SAFARI. Very useful when downloading deb file. Works with iFile.
3. SBSettings - If you have been on symbianOS this is like jBaktaskman.
4. Installous - This is an app so you can download/install cracked apps directly on your device. If you install this on cydia, it will also install the appsync which is a prerequisite.
5. Winterboard - Like theming, this is for you then....
6. afc2dd - This is a tweak that lets you use your device as a usb/ lets you access your idevice's file system through your pc/mac.

B. Add-ons:
1. Cydelete - This is a tweak that lets you uninstall cydia apps directly on springbord. Don't forget to reboot btw.
2. FontSwap/BytaFont - Depends on your ios version, this is an app for changing your iDevice's default font. Fontswap is working until 3.1.3 while bytafont is for newer iOS.
3. FolderEnhancer - This is a tweak which is an improvement in folders of the current folder system of iOs.
4. Infinidock - Dock as many apps/folders as you want!!!
5. MyWi - This will enable tethering on your iOs.
6. My3G/3G Unrestrictor - This will fake your device into thinking that it is using wifi signal instead of your 3G/Data Plan.

All apps/tweaks that don't have links, you can download at Cydia for free. Will keep this UPDATED.

Please feel free to post yours....
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  1. nilkanth's Avatar

    really thanks bro
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    Hope you liked it!!!
  3. Gkm's Avatar
    Usefull collections invictucs thanks..........