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Snowbreeze 2.5 Jailbreaks iOS 4.3.1 Untethered on Windows

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ALL Snowbreeze updates must go into this thread

ih8sn0w just pushed a new update to sn0wbreeze which brings the software to v2.5. This update allows us to create a custom .ipsw on Windows machines and untethered jailbreak iOS 4.3.1.

The 4.3.1 untether works on all devices that actually support 4.3.1 except for the iPad2:

iPhone4 (GSM)
iPod touch 3G
iPod touch 4G
AppleTV 2G
The reason the untether won’t work as-is on the iPad2 is that it requires a bootrom or iBoot-level exploit to install, and the iPad2 is not susceptible to either the limera1n or SHAtter bootrom exploits.

WARNING WARNING — ultrasn0w users don’t update yet! We need to first release an update to ultrasn0w that fixes some incompatibilities when FW 4.3.1 is used on the older basebands supported by ultrasn0w. And remember once we do fix ultrasn0w for 4.3.1 (we’ll announce it here and on twitter), you must only get there via a custom IPSW from PwnageTool, Sn0wbreeze or xpwn! Don’t ever try to restore or update to a stock IPSW, or you’ll lose the unlock!

Part 1: Creating the Custom IPSW file with Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1
  • Download Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1 from the download links given above and iOS 4.3.1 for your device
  • Run Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1 and click on “Next”
  • Browse or drag the previously downloaded 4.3.1 IPSW file onto Snowbreeze 2.5 and wait for recognition

  • Once Snowbreeze 2.5 identifies the IPSW click on “Next” again

  • Select “Expert Mode”, check the “Build IPSW” and click on “Next”.
    Note: If your iPhone relies on a unlock, proceed only by selecting “Baseband Preservation Mode” option instead of “Expert Mode”.

  • Wait for Snowbreeze 2.5 to finish creating the custom 4.3.1 firmware

  • Once Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1 is done creating the custom IPSW file follow the on-screen instructions to enter your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in DFU mode.

  • Once your iDevice is in DFU mode proceed with Part 2 of this tutorial

Part 2: Restoring the custom 4.3.1 firmware using iTunes
  • Start iTunes and click on the device icon located in the left sidebar
  • Click on restore while holding the left “SHIFT” button
  • Browse for the custom 4.3.1 IPSW file previously created with Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1
  • Click on Open and let iTunes restore the already jailbroken 4.3.1 IPSW on your device. Once the process will be finished, your iDevice will reboot fully jailbroken ( untethered )

That’s it! You have successfully managed to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Snowbreeze 2.5 for 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak.
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