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Group F
Sunday,18 June

Teams:Likely formation; shirt numbers, name, caps and goals, coach:

Japan (4-4-2): 23-Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi (90-0); 21-Akira Kaji (43-1), 5-Tsuneyasu Miyamoto (70-3), 22-Yuji Nakazawa (51-9), 14-Alex (73-5); 8-Mitsuo Ogasawara (51-7), 7-Hidetoshi Nakata (75-11), 15-Takashi Fukunishi (63-7), 10-Shunsuke Nakamura (61-16); 9-Naohiro Takahara (42-17), 13-Atsushi Yanagisawa (57-17) Coach: Zico

Croatia (3-4-1-2): 1-Stipe Pletikosa (51-0); 7-Dario Simic (81-3), 4-Robert Kovac (57-0), 3-Josep Simunic (43-3); 2-Darijo Srna (37-9), 5-Igor Tudor (53-3), 10-Niko Kovac (59-8), 8-Marko Babic (34-3); 19-Niko Kranjcar (22-3); 17-Ivan Klasnic (21-7), 9-Dado Prso (30-9) Coach: Zlatko Kranjcar

Both these teams lost their opeining game (though Croatia at least have the excuse that they played Brazil) so both will be keen to claim three belated points and get their World Cup started. The downside is that whoever loses this game can start looking at flights home. Japan are probably less likely to settle for a draw, as they won’t fancy going into the final game needing a win against Ronaldinho and friends.

So start predicting guys...