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Thread: Application Guide for Android [updated]

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    iPmart Application Guide for Android [updated]

    Application Guide for Android

    New users can use this guide to get a better understanding of what is out there in the Android universe (constantly updated with new apps). Plus all apps listed below you can find here !

    NEW SECTION ADDED: Android Emulators. Emulators is a program that allows a computer or modern console (cross-console emulation) to emulate a different video game console's behavior. Emulators are most often used to play older video games on personal computers/smart phones, but they are also used to play games translated into other languages or modify (or hack) existing games. You can find a wide range of emulators (ie. PSX4droid, Gameboid) [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Contents (Categories-wise)
    1. File Managers
    2. Media Players
    3. Internet Browsers
    4. Home Replacement Launchers
    5. Photography
    6. Keyboard Replacements
    7. Messenger
    8. SMS
    9. Weather
    10. Backup & Restore
    11. Toggle / Control Widgets
    12. Patches
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