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Thread: Free-iSMS AllInOne v1.12 Beta S^3 SymbianOS^3 Signed [Update: 05.03.11]

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    Star Free-iSMS AllInOne v1.12 Beta S^3 SymbianOS^3 Signed [Update: 05.03.11]

    Free-iSMS AllInOne v1.12 Beta S^3 SymbianOS^3 Signed

    iSMS AllInOne Beta is a new and improved application with rewitten interface UI, chat conversations, resulting in a more smooth scrolling effect. Free-iSMS displays your messages in threads, it can schedule your messages, and it can send fake messages to your inbox too. The fake messaging option of Free-iSMS works much better than Fake Messages and ActiveFile.

    Key Features:

    - New skin format support, more easily create a personalized love messages.
    - Simplified skin production, installation and management functions, the skin used to choose the way coverflow, the skin effect of real time preview, dynamic presentation.
    - Chat dialogue interface add a picture expression support, send messages to visualize bubble selection and insertion.
    - Contact Interface Add “to add, clear picture” function, support jpg, png and other common image formats, picture settings and contacts within the contact head independently, and supports batch import picture.
    - Added functionality to ignore iPhone style tips: 3rd edition phones can be prompted by the # key closed, 5th Edition mobile phone users can click the upper right corner of the red cross tips off tips, but does not change the state of new information.
    - For 5th Edition Touch platform, the contact interface, new gesture support: contact entries on the left in the program contacts the right plan can be labeled and unmark operation.

    New Function:

    - iSMS add fetion function, It will convenient for the user to use.
    - iSMS support using fetion number to login fetion function.
    - Auto start for fetion function:fetion function will auto start after you setting fetion configurations.
    - Double click will insert expression on flatform Symbian S60 5th and Symbian^3.

    User feeling optimization:

    - Function of start-flash-screen in iSMS have been moved to "about" option.

    New platform adaptation:

    - Correct the problem that fetion function can't be used on platform Symbian^3.
    - Correct the problem that when you connect to wap that ask you to choose access point many times on platform Symbian^3.
    - Correct the problem that iSMS don't support secret contact person function on platform Symbian^3.


    - Unavailable at the moment

    Latest version here:
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