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Thread: All N-GAGE 2.0 games cracked by binpda are fully working 100% on symbian 9.3 fp2!!!

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    Default All N-GAGE 2.0 games cracked by binpda are fully working 100% on symbian 9.3 fp2!!!

    hi guys! hm,, i know this is ilegal. but now we all know that n-gage platform was die. we can't purchase n-gage games, and activate it.
    ok, if you are using s60v3 fp2 phone, you couldn't play some n-gage games like Brothers in arms, star wars, bounce, metal gear, and others. but now, you may happy, because you can play all n-gage games cracked by binpda 100% fully working on your phone.
    i've found this trick on russian site, they told that we can play one as full version on fp2 phone, but when i tried install other n-gage games like brothers in arms it's working!!! tested on my 5320 fw 05.16 and i think it will work on others fp2 phone.
    you just need install this file. This is component of "smart office" app which i have posted it before,and the file size only 3KB... If smart office app already installed on your phone,please uninstall it first,then install this file and then... all n-gage games are fully working!!! (only games cracked by binPDA of course)
    trust me. just install it. have fun!
    and here is the download link (only 3Kb):
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    please leave your comment here, thanks!
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