] “Navitel Navigator” includes the most detailed map of Russia – more than 63 000 cities and towns, more than 780 cities and towns with detailed and targeted plan of the road network. Map of Moscow, presented a detailed passages servants. In the presence of a huge database of useful objects POI – more than 300 000 stations, traffic police, cafes, supermarkets, hotels, etc. Also, “Navitel Navigator” allows you to use the card, created and updated by the users themselves, in a popular cartographic editor GPSMapEdit. Users can official detailed maps of Ukraine and Belarus to Navitel, support service “Navitel.Probki” throughout the map, not just in major cities.

Navitel needs these libraries and components to be installed: PIPS, Open_C_GLIBRARY_Common, Open_C_LIBSSL_Common, Standard_C++_library_Common, Symbian_OS_STDIOSERVER. If you dont' have something, download package and install Before Installation of app.


Navitel Components: