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Thread: Thread Unapproved ( moderated threads )

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    Default Thread Unapproved ( moderated threads )

    iPmart® Forum Administrators have enhanced the 'moderated thread' function to place responsibility for poor quality threads firmly in the hands of the 'thread creator' & to free members of our Moderator Team from any perceived obligation to rectify these issues of compliance, in accordance with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    The regular function simply hides 'moderated' threads from view of all members, except Staff, until reviewed & approved by a Moderator Team member or Administrator. We have changed this to now permit the 'thread creator' to view & EDIT, making required changes within a nominal time as required.

    A Private Message will be sent to advise of problems with 'moderated' threads & failure to fix will result in deletion of threads without need for further notification.

    Common problems that may cause threads to be 'moderated' (unapproved) are:

    • poor screenshots
    • no screenshots
    • advert screenshots
    • poor description
    • no decription
    • not enough download links
    • advert URLs
    • other fault

    We wish to place emphasis on quality, not quantity, so please ensure all threads are of a standard as required by [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. Habitual or continued disregard may incur penalties.

    iPmart® Forum Administrators
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