XingPlayer v2.2.68 apk
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: XingPlayer is a smart music player that can browse by folder and not just album or artist like most.
] XingPlayer v2.2.68
? Never Download This App!!!
If you want to
- hear the music by only ears.
- see only (not synced) TXT l.y.r.i.c.s
- connect to the internet every time.
Some apps are proud of line based sync (LRC)
Are you satisfied? WE DO NOT!
Here we say.
The l.y.r.i.c.s should express the song itself!
like the height, the length and even the feeling of the songs.
Are you ready to be surprised?
Let’s go to the new world of l.y.r.i.c.s never imagined!
? Main Features
XingPlayer v2.2.68 apk
- Manage Playlist
- Play by singer, album, playlist and folder
- ASS, LRC, TXT l.y.r.i.c.s support a variety of formats (utf-8, ansi file format)
- Support for the ID3 Tag l.y.r.i.c.s and an input l.y.r.i.c.s by user
- Automatic detection and change tag information (myMusicTagger plug-in)
- Download the album art (myMusicTagger plug-in)
- Home Screen Widgets
- Landscape mode
- Set ring tone
- Find a song by title, artist and album (the search key, voice search).
- Search l.y.r.i.c.s by title and artist (automatic and manual)
- Search articles by title, artist and album from Internet or YouTube
- Support for plug-in equalizer (more than 2.3 gingerbread)
- Settings (full screen, sleep timer, automatic detection a headset, …)
- Support for multi-languages (Hangul, English, Japanese)
? Supported Media Formats
MP3, AAC/AAC+, 3GP, FLAC (Android 3.1+), MIDI, OGG, PCM/WAV
Free XingPlayer v2.2.68 apk

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