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Thread: GT-I9100[ROM]PARANOIDANDROID 2.22|Android 4.1.2|True HybridMode

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    New GT-I9100[ROM]PARANOIDANDROID 2.22|Android 4.1.2|True HybridMode

    GT-I9100[ROM]PARANOIDANDROID 2.22|Android 4.1.2|True HybridMode



    ] Now for every element that you like chose a mode (PhoneUI, Phablet/Nexus-7UI, TabletUI) and/or a size. You are 100% independent of the system DPI which runs nicely in whatever value it has been assigned to. You do not need to boot your phone into a certain DPI. Neither will most of the changes you apply require a reboot. You will not suffer from the myriads of troubles which normally haunt you under build.prop tablet mode. Your market, phone, etc. will all work, apps won't shrink on you unless you shrink them yourself. This project will entirely transform your device, but retain the aesthetics and the feel of your phone.

    • CWM: Wipe Cache / Factory Reset IF you're on any ROM other than AOSP JB (May work without fullwipe from ICS PA versions if your /data folder is not full of things)
    • Install ROM: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    • CWM: Wipe Cache Partition
    • CWM: Advanced/Wipe Dalvik Cache
    • Reboot
    • Our webpage: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    • You want to port PA?
    • Themes and other goodies
    • If you have an issue and you want to call our attention, here's what you do:
    • 1. Try everything you can, find solutions for yourself. Wipe caches, revert all your settings you have made, go back to your stock Kernel, factory reset if you have to or reflash the rom. Assume that the issue is on your side and try your best to isolate it.
    • 2. Search this thread and Cyanogenmods aswell (its our base) for possible reoccurences of your issue and hopefully solutions that may have come up.
    • 3. If you think the issue is important enough that we should cease our work and look into it, post your issue, BUT ...
    • ... stay friendly, do not demand anything, do not threaten
    • ... explain your issue as precise as you can, name the exact apps and conditions that cause trouble, help us to replicate the issue right away. If we can't there's no way we can fix it and your post will simply clutter the thread
    • ... collect evidence, keep in mind this is a developer thread so even if you are not one, do us the favor and research how to record logcat. logcat is the single most important help you can give us to resolve your issue.

    • Tina: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    • Cyanogenmod Team
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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